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The reception area is of an open, generous sized room offering different areas for different pets as needed.  There is a large digital scale available to weigh pets.  Clients are encouraged to come in as often as they like to weigh their pets compliments of the facility. 


We also encourage clients to bring their pets in when nothing needs to be done except to receive a treat.  This helps your pets feel more comfortable about coming in when they need to. Clients are always amazed by their pet when it gets all excited in the car as it approaches the center.








Hospitalization Wards


In our excellent and spacious hospitalization facilities there are separate wards for dogs, cats, small pocket pets, birds and reptiles. By keeping the different species apart we can minimize the stress of being in hospital for them.






Hospitalization facilities provided for the very sick and for those recovering from operations are operated with round the clock supervision, whenever it is necessary. Our in-patient facilities are maintained to the highest standards of hygiene and comfort.


We have a completely separate isolation ward for potentially infectious cases.




Examination Rooms


We have three exam/consultation rooms so that patients do not need to wait until an exam room is finished being used.  They are small but not cramped also painted as the reception area.


This is where we will examine and discuss treatment options for you and your pet.





Treatment Room


The centerís heart is the large treatment area where most of the magic takes place. 

Following the thinking that no one likes to work alone all day, and that having everyone working together will promote actually working, because other employees can see you, we have our in house laboratory, pharmacy, medication prep area, sliding glass doors leading to the OR, an area for writing or computer access and both recovery and holding cages around the perimeter of the room.


In the center of the room there are 4 tables set up like a criss-cross.  Two of the tables are multi purpose tables that have tubs as their bases.  They allow us to use water at these tables.  One of the tables is also a balance beam scale to more accurately measure the lighter weight kids.  Two of the four tables are equipped with anesthetic monitoring equipment and serve as induction, prep and dirty procedure areas as well as exam areas.  Clients are welcomed into the treatment area if we desire to work on their pet outside the exam room.  We try never to do any procedures that will be uncomfortable to either the pet or the owner in front of them.  Many pets actually behave better away from the owners.  The exam rooms are essentially used for discussion and non invasive exams.



Surgical Suite


Surgery is performed on the premises in a modern operating suite using the most up to date anesthetic drugs and monitoring equipment. Our surgical suite is used for sterile procedures only with all Operating Room personnel using sterile gowns, masks and gloves for each procedure.  Each procedure is performed with fresh sterile instruments. The surgical suite is equipped with basic and advanced instrumentation to allow our doctors to perform even the most advanced procedures.  The room itself is kept clean above and beyond the standards set up by the American Veterinary Medical Association.   Every doctor performing surgery has a sterile assistant, circulating nurse and anesthetic nurse available for each procedure. 





Anesthetic patients are closely monitored and cared for by our specially trained anesthetic nursing staff throughout their pre, peri, and post operative and recovery periods.  All our anesthetic areas, prep, dental, and surgical areas are each appointed with their own equipment.



Additional Services Include:

  • EKG

  • Pulse Oximetry

  • Temperature Monitors

  • Heated Tables with Specialized Water Jackets that support body temperature during surgery.  Water Jackets are mats that has water at 107 degrees circulating through it.  They go under the table drape and are used throughout the entire anesthesia

  • Computerized IV Pumps

  • Blood Pressure Monitors

 We also have a Mark VII Bird Respirator Available should mechanical ventilation be required.



Recovery Is Easier, When You're Not Alone


No patients should ever be left alone to recover following surgery.  If we have a patient that requires round the clock care, we take them home with us to the intensive care unit we have set up in our house.  No hospitalized pet be it for illness or surgical recovery should be left alone during the night.  No client should ever be charged for hospitalization and then have their pet left alone for 12 or more hours. All of the monitoring equipment is portable for easy travel.


Four Radiant Heated Recovery Units (heating materials are built into the floor) to aid in helping a patients temperature return to normal following surgery or anesthetic procedure. By using these units we avoid the burns and uneven heating provided by hot water bags or lamps.


Each post operative patient is closely monitored by a recovery room nurse until they are adequately recovered and can be returned to their regular hospital bed.   




Doctor's Offices


There are three offices set up for use by the doctors.  Having a private office allows for personal conversations with clients and being able to keep the staff from interrupting work that requires your undivided attention.







Employee Lounge


As the doctors need a place to go away from the working areas so do the employees.  Space in the facility was set aside so that they would have a place to go and relax or have lunch.  The break room is equipped with refrigerator, microwave, sink, cabinets and table and chairs for their use. 


There is a separate food preparation area where the meals for the boarding and hospitalized animals are prepared.  This area is away from where pets are kept or treated.



Yard Area


The hospitalized and boarding pets both use the same 1200 sq ft fenced yard for walking, play and doing their business.  We have a hydrant for the male dogs to use donated by the Miami-Dade Fire Department some years ago.  The yard has both grassy and cemented areas for use.  Trees provide shade and there are 2 African Spur Foot Tortoises walking around in the yard that the dogs can investigate. 



Dr. Shaffer's back yard where he offers homes

to both furry and feathered friends



Dr. Kelly with a young Kangaroo











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Closed major holidays.



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