Welcome to Our Rainbow Bridge



Our online Rainbow Bridge honors the memory of our

pet companions we loved and still miss.


If you would like to post a memorial to your pet,

send us your pet's photo in ".jpg" format and a short

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We Remember Scooter


“Scooter” the Wonder Dog.  She was the Paradise Animal Center’s Mascott.  She did many other things besides pose for pictures.


She Literally brought prescription medications from the pharmacy to the clients in the front office.  She brought completed charts from the rooms to the receptionist.  She was always there to greet people and to entertain both children and adults with the many tricks she knew from jumping through a hoop made of your arms to playing paralyzed and crawling on her belly with her rear legs extended and unusable. 







We Remember Czar


This St. Bernard was known as Czar.  He was one of Dr. Shaffer’s first patients as a veterinarian. 


He’s a great example of how much the average dog “loves” a bath.








We Remember Dizzy Rokker


“Dizzy Rokker” was named after Dizzy Gillespie and Mickey Rokker, both well known jazz musicians.


Dizzy is the first pet Dr. Kelly ever owned.  He was the love of her life and will always hold a special place in her heart.







We Remember Peaches



"Peaches" was an imported Moluccan Cockatoo given to the doctors by the owner once the children left home.  This bird was the most gentle and loving birds we've ever come across.