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Tippy & Umbro face off over who's

in charge at Paradise Center!



This is Tippy.  He virtually grew up at the center.  He has no fear and goes into to greet every client in the exam rooms.  Tippy performs our “cat scans”, of course, for free.




This is Umbro.  After being a patient and very frequent boarder with us for 15 years, his owner decided he couldn’t keep him anymore and asked if we would like to have him.


Although he is a male he is totally attracted to

Dr. Shaffer.  He goes around on his shoulder while he sees patients or while he’s writing records.




This is Bob, one of 6 cats that live permanently in the center.  They visit with the clients and the patients and supervise all the work.

Bob was a very special rescue case.  At only 2 years old, his owners wanted to put him to sleep because they thought he was one cat out of 11 cats that was not using his litter box.  As it turned out, Bob wasn’t guilty as accused, and so we ended up with a phenomenal cat!



















Samantha got so big that it became dangerous to keep her.  She was found a new home at a reptile zoo where she now is living out her life.




Back in the 1990’s, our Veterinary Technician, Ish, was into large non venomous snakes. This is Samantha, Ismael’s 16 foot Boa Constrictor. 


This Baby Lion is 12 weeks old.  Because he is recovering from the Distemper Virus, which attacks the brain, he must re-learn the most basic of activities such as walking.   At this time, he still drinks from a bottle. There were two lions to start, but his sister died before he came to us.  He stayed with us for about 2 ˝ months and was very hard to give up.  The Breeder offered to give him to us, but, having a 500 pound male lion in your back yard is against our community’s rules.  Certainly would have made a great guard cat!