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Paul Shaffer, D.V.M.


Dr. Paul Shaffer is not only a consummate Veterinarian, but is also a loving son, husband, father and grandfather of two.


He hails from the Midwest and moved to Miami over three decades ago.  Dr. Shaffer considers himself a true multi-cultural Miamian.  In addition to his love of animals and plants, he is a certified scuba diver, enjoys rock climbing, photography and listening to music, especially jazz.  Find an old edition of the comedy paper he owned, The Miami Beach Bull, and you too can enjoy the “beauty” he captures with his camera. 


How old is he you ask?  Well, according to his friends, family and clients who have known him for a long time, he’s ageless, he never seems to change.




One of the other things in life that Dr. Shaffer loves almost as much as veterinary medicine is his love for growing plants, his favorites being rare palm trees, bromeliads, cycads and fruit trees. Over ninety percent of the plants growing in his yard he planted from either seed or seedling.  He designed and visualized what the piece of empty ground he owned would look like many years in the future, and started planting his garden some sixteen years ago. He has been working on and nurturing his plants ever since. He considers himself a visual person and it only takes one look at his yard, front or back, to appreciate his artistic talent and his love of nature.


Another love of his passions is to use his hands and tools to build things.  He built himself a deck about seven feet off the ground in his lofty, seventy plus foot high Ficus tree.  He loves to collect pieces of wood, metal or whatever, items others have disposed of.  He collects these leftovers over time and eventually builds amazing things from them. His favorite tee shirt says “The One With the Most Tools Wins”.


His artistic talent not only shows its face in his hobbies, but also in his work with animals.  He is extremely well known for his expertise in reconstructive, cosmetic, and his personal favorite orthopedic surgery.  He loves nothing more that to take a shattered bone and piece it back together so that a pet will have as normal a functioning limb or joint as possible after it is repaired.


He is not only talented and intelligent but is a compassionate and caring man as his family and his clients will tell you time and time again.




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