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Paradise Animal Center’s “Bed and Breakfast”



The Paradise Animal Center’s Bed and Breakfast offers both full service boarding and veterinary care. We know you expect the same kind of experienced, high quality, concerned care for your pet as you do the rest of your family. While your pet is boarding with us, our dedicated staff will provide loving care. They will pamper your pet with good food, clean and comfortable suites, and lots of attention. You can be assured that while you are on vacation, your pet will be vacationing with us.






We offer you a choice of boarding areas for your dog.  Our runs come in two sizes, 6 ½ feet by 4 ½ feet as well as 6 ½ feet by 3 ½ feet.  We also provide boarding areas that vary from 48” to 36” to 30” wide. Each dog is kept separately, although under certain circumstances we do allow family members to reside in the same unit. 





Cats have the choice of a 30” or 60” wide area to stay in.  Cats and dogs are kept in separate areas to avoid any unnecessary stress.  Each area is environmentally controlled with air conditioning and heating.  Classical, Jazz and contemporary music is played 24 hours a day to help them relax. 


We have our own private 1200 sq. ft. yard securely fenced for our guests to walk, run and play.  Each dog is walked at least 5 times per day, weather permitting.  We also offer “Play Times” which are 10 minute periods of time when a pet is played with, one on one, with a playmaker. 



Individual Diets


Meals are provided at the same frequency as they would get at home.  We make every attempt to provide the same food as the pet is used to eating to reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal upset.  Each pet’s diet is individualized for that pet.


Pet’s requiring medications are provided this service at a minimal additional charge.  We even welcome pets that require injections of insulin.




Personal Attention


A pet is going to feel stress when away from home no matter what the circumstances are.  We do everything possible to make the stay at our facility as relaxing and pleasant as possible for every guest that has their lives entrusted to us.





We are unique in that any of our medical services such as exams, teeth cleaning, surgery and lab work can be provided while your pet is boarding.


Should your pet become ill during boarding, the doctor on duty will be notified and your pet will be examined. Medical treatment will be started to insure the health of your pet only if the life of the pet is in danger. 



The Paradise Animal Center’s Bed and Breakfast is honored that you have entrusted us with the responsibility of your pet’s care.  We have developed certain requirements which will provide you with the confidence that your pet will be in the best of hands while you are way.



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Wednesday & Saturday

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Closed major holidays.



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